Donations to Deserving Patients

We took a humble start with some self and few friends’ contribution. The financially helped patients, so far include following:-
    • Rs. 68,600/- paid for treatment of a lady suffering Breast Cancer.
    • Rs. 96,000/- paid for radiation charges of a 36 years CA Breast patient.
    • A lady in her forties, undergoing radio therapy, has been assisted with Rs. 20,000/-.
    • A 54 years female Cervical Cancer patient from Southern Punjab undergoing radio therapy has been given Rs. 68,000/-.
    • A poor man from Azad Kashmir in his forties, with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, who was declined treatment by Shuakat Khanum on some technical grounds, not meeting their criteria was promised treatment by CMH Doctors. He remained under treatment for about two years and was donated Rs. 216,000/-.
    • A lady from District Pindi, in her late thirties with CA Breast, abandoned by the family due to disease was donated Rs. 96,000/- for radiations.
    • Another lady from Rawalpindi, with CA Breast, was donated Rs. 96,000/- for radiations.
    • A 17 years poor boy from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, with Ewing’s Sarcoma, whose right arm was amputated due to spread of disease was donated Rs, 78,000/-, for radiation of his swollen cheek and neck.
    • 69,000/- donated to a lady for covering shortfall of her expenditure for CA Breast treatment.
    • A 37 years man from Jehlum was donated Rs. 74,400/-, for his treatment of Astrocytoma.
    • There are many more poor / deserving patients waiting for financial support.


Contact for Donations

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